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Office Furniture

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What Is Procurement?

Procurement is the sourcing of products and services for the implementation of your project. We source the most cost effective products. It sounds simple. And it is. For us.

Zeebra Designs has contacts throughout the property and construction industry that we have established a relationship with over a number of years. These relationships allow us to purchase at huge discounts from retail prices. We pass ALL of these savings on to you.

We source products both locally and internationally for all types of clients. Anything from dry walling, carpets, tiling, mouldings, glass, air conditioners, lights, ceiling boards and any other interior fit out requirement.

Our office interior design process incorporates the services of space planning as well as interior design including detailing, decor, and custom furniture design, and interior services such as lighting and electrical requirements, and audio-visual and IT services. As a step in our overall process, we see office interior design as a holistic treatment of the office space to suit your needs.

Things To Look Out For During Office Renovation and Procurement of Office Furniture

  • Is your furniture being custom made, or is it off the shelf stock. If it is custom made, bare in mind should you need additional furniture later on, it may be difficult to get the same look and feel.
  • Speak to your designers and make sure that they can source similar products for future expansion.
  • Silly one, but it happens, will your new office furniture fit into the space, or worse, will your custom made boardroom table fit in the building lift?
  • Make quality your priority and your office equipment will look great even after a few years of good use.

Things To Look Out For During Office Renovation:

The task of equipping your office with new furniture can be quite daunting and should, therefore, be left in the hands of a responsible person. There are many things to take into consideration when purchasing new office furniture; quality, functionality, style and price. It is also important not to make hasty decisions – first, you should determine what kind of furniture you need, how many items you need and what style would best suit your office.

Zeebra is the first and only Space Planning portal in Australia. Zeebra compares Office Furniture and Office Interior Design quotes across all the major space planners and Interior Designers in the country. We then match the best space planners to you and Voila!

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Office Furniture

Choose quality items You can never downsize on office furniture quality, especially when it comes to office furniture. It is not always necessary to buy exquisite international designer solutions, but a solid  wood structure is important as well as durability of materials and a consistent style. At Zeebra Designs we strive to supply our clients with quality made office furniture and equipment. Most of our products carry a guarantee on manufacturing and workmanship. We Carefully evaluate the functionality of your requirements and then define the functionality of each piece of office furniture to be used in your space. The function you require depends on what the line of work you’re in, to some ergonomics is of great importance and to others storage is most important. If you decide to buy new office furniture it is important that you meet the needs of both you and your employees. Consider Space Planning in your decision. 

Office Furniture

Consider to be using neutral colors and shapes Ideally, you should choose a neutral color palette and make use of ordinary shapes. Some Neutral based colors are less obtrusive, regardless of differences in taste and personal preference. Staying neutral also makes it easier to expand your office furniture without disrupting the general look and feel. Avoid impersonal furniture It is easy to make your office look unattractive by using standard and inexpensive furniture. As previously mentioned; using designer solutions is not the only way to go, but you should look for furniture that has a distinct style. Employees tend to work more productively if they like the atmosphere they are in. Even though your office is not a home, it should still be pleasant and welcoming. Order in bulk The most affordable solution when it comes to buying office furniture is to buy everything you need at once. You will most likely get a discount, and it will surely save you plenty of time. We offer interior design functions for new and existing office space in Sydney Australia

Office Furniture

Choosing the right office furniture is as important as choosing the right type of office space and location . It not only contributes to well-being, it also affects office productivity and entices prospective employees. Therefore, before marching to the nearest furniture shop, here are 6 things you must consider. As your business grows and changes it’s inevitable that the office space it occupies will have to adapt and evolve as well. Whether your company has grown in numbers, experienced higher demand or has redirected its business focus, it may be the right time to remodel. Listen to your employees and staff. If they say they need more room or a different type of space in order to be more efficient, this is a strong indication. its time for office renovations to take place. The interior office space and exterior of the office buildings should reflect the company’s mission and values. Updating marketing material with pictures of the new office interiors will help project a successful image and forward-facing attitude. There are five main reasons for commercial and corporate renovation these days. Remodeling projects can give a business a fresh look, make operations more efficient, increase staff safety, create room for expansion and help lower costs for Office Renovations and Office Refurbishment